Since inception, SHIKSHA Initiative has touched about 25000 students and trained over 600 teachers in using ICT to make pedagogy more effective and engaging. Currently working in over 300 schools, SHIKSHA Initiative is eradicating illiteracy and nurturing lifelong learners, one district at a time.



SHIKSHA Initiative is an accelerated technology-enabled literacy and enhanced learning program. It works through continuous intervention in primary education with a digital high-quality engaging content based on State Board syllabus and a technology-based mode of dissemination, to instill learning retention among children. It attempts to overcome the existing educational challenges by introducing interactive content and periodic assessments, making the process of learning more interesting, fun and effective.

  • Enhance the learning process through ICT intervention
  • Equip teachers with an innovative high-engagement teaching mechanism
  • Enhance the classroom environment to create learning effectiveness
  • Encourage not just education but focus on application-driven learning


SHIKSHA Initiative uses these three steps to effectively educate students in the classroom in its mission to eradicate illiteracy. The foundation of the SHIKSHA Initiative rests on three distinct pillars:

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Field Stories

Eradicating illiteracy and nurturing lifelong learners, one district at a time.

Founding member of Shiksha Initiative, Academic Expert and Trainer:
3 years ago, Arvind joined Shiksha Initiative, a Shiv Nadar Foundation endeavor piloted in Uttar Pradesh with the aim of transforming the quality of education in rural schools through technology-based learning.

Nazia is a grade 1 student from Muthiyani primary school. Her parents are daily-wage earners, which meant she had to go to the government school and could not go to the more aspirational private schools in the area. Nazia found it hard to study in the government school because of infrastructural challenges.

Shiv Nadar Foundation

Established in 1994, the Shiv Nadar Foundation was conceived and created by Shiv Nadar, founder and chairman of HCL – a $6.3 billion global technology and IT enterprise. Mr. Nadar being a product of education himself strongly supports the vision that education empowers individuals and is vital to reap our demographic dividend. Under him the … Continue reading Shiv Nadar Foundation

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