Nazia, Grade 1

Nazia is a grade 1 student from Muthiyani primary school. Her parents are daily-wage earners, which meant she had to go to the government school and could not go to the more aspirational private schools in the area. Nazia found it hard to study in the government school because of infrastructural challenges. However, once Shiksha intervention program started in her school, Nazia’s academic progress soon been remarkable. She has not only learnt to read and write fluently but she took the next step. From a learner to a teacher went her transformation in one year. She went on to teach her mother. Nazia’s mother can now sign her name instead of using her thumb impression when she collects her wages. This has made the mother daughter both feel more empowered. It is also setting an inspirational example for other students and their parents, in a state where barely half of its female population is literate.