Sagar, Grade 2, Primary School Bishara, Dadri

7-year-old Sagar is a Grade 2 student of Primary School Bishara, Dadri, Gautam Buddha Nagar. He lives with his parents and elder sister in Dadri. His father works as a daily wage labourer and mother is a housewife. Sagar is a polite and obedient child. Moreover, whenever her mother is not well he helps his sister with household chores before coming to school.
Sagar joined the school in Grade 2 and he has not studied through ICT method in Grade 1. As all the students were already familiar with the ICT method it took some time for Sagar to get used to it since it was a new way of learning for him. Though he was bit afraid in the beginning but gradually he was comfortable. After attending few classes, he was really impressed with the method of teaching and showed great interest in all the subjects. Sanjay (Field Officer) stated that Sagar enjoys studying through projection and is curious about learning new things.
Moreover, he proactively asks questions if he doesn’t understand anything during the class, which is noteworthy development. The only challenge that Sanjay faced while mentoring Sagar was to make him listen first and ask questions afterwards. Earlier he used ask question without properly listening to the teacher.
Currently, Sagar is very attentive, he listens carefully and then responds. His energy in the class is remarkable and his curiosity to ask countless questions has influenced his class fellows as well as other students in the school. Furthermore, he scored well in all the subjects and proactively responds during the oral test.
SHIKSHA Initiative firmly believes that ICT empowers teachers and learners, making significant contribution to learning and achievement. Hence, introduction and the adequate use of ICT is beneficial and effective in children’s learning and achievement.