About SHIKSHA Initiative

SHIKSHA Initiative is a mission to eradicate illiteracy. We are a team of motivated professionals, with diverse experiences across corporate and development organizations, working cohesively for one important cause. We aim to eradicate illiteracy from India by 2022.

In India more than 90% children enroll in the Primary School Education, but most of them drop out either after grade 5 or grade 8. Some because they find education Dull and boring, and some don’t find it connected to their lives. In fact only 11% students in India opt for Higher Education. Rest simply abandon Formal Education.

Despite several Government schemes, Like free education, free mid-day meal, free books, free uniform; and despite teachers making regular efforts to improvise student experience, the school attendance remains low. These problems need effective and impactful solutions, especially taking advantage of the improving technology trends in India.

SHIKSHA Initiative is an accelerated technology-enabled literacy and enhanced learning program through continuous intervention in primary education with high-quality engaging content based on State Board syllabus and a technology-based mode of dissemination, to instill learning retention among children. It attempts to overcome the existing educational challenges by introducing interactive content and periodic assessments, making the process of learning more interesting, fun and effective.

As the first grassroots level program within Shiv Nadar Foundation, we are working where it matters the most – rural primary schools, currently all in UP. Through the improved learning environment, trained teachers and scientifically prepared digital content for elementary education, we are creating lifelong learners and are in turn getting inspired by their progress.