Social Impact

In more than 3 years of its operation, Shiksha Initiative has touched about 25000 students and trained over 600 teachers in using ICT to make pedagogy more effective and engaging. Currently working in over 300 schools, Shiksha Initiative is eradicating illiteracy and nurturing lifelong learners, one district at a time.

The impact of this project goes beyond its numbers. We can clearly observe the increasing attendance in the classrooms that we work in, and positive behavioral changes among the students. They are following the social values and the hygienic practices, which they are learning in the classrooms.

Moreover, the increase in motivation levels of the teachers as well as the happiness on the faces of parents in these villages is remarkable. That is an impact which can’t be measured but easily felt. Besides, the project has also been able to motivate the government officials who have visited Shiksha classrooms to strengthen their commitment to the education of children in their regions.