About Shiksha Initiative

Vision: “Literacy for an inclusive and empowered society”.

SHIKSHA Initiative is an accelerated technology-enabled literacy and enhanced learning program. It works through continuous intervention in primary education with a digital high-quality engaging content based on State Board syllabus and a technology-based mode of dissemination, to instill learning retention among children. It attempts to overcome the existing educational challenges by introducing interactive content and periodic assessments, making the process of learning more interesting, fun and effective. Furthermore, it enhances the classroom environment and equips the teachers with an innovative high-engagement teaching mechanism to boost learning effectiveness.

SHIKSHA firmly believes that technology has the potential of transforming education and improve learning among students as well as building the capacities of teacher. The programme is targeted at learners of grade 1 and 2 in government and private schools and is aimed at integrating the use of digital technologies in learning. The content developed comprises of interactive animations, cartoons, videos, audios and exercises aimed at helping students and adults learn better. It supports subject knowledge and also ensure that technology-use enhances teaching and learning. Moreover, it has been widely recognized that fostering digital literacy in the classroom help children to diversify this experience and knowledge to make learning more relevant and purposeful. SHIKSHA Initiative doesn’t replace classroom teaching completely rather it complements conventional teaching in order to impact as many learners as possible. Thus, key to ensuring successful outcomes is to blend more traditional classroom approaches with e-learning approaches.