SHIKSHA Plus Jail Initiative

While some have the luxury of taking basic literacy for granted, millions of adults around the world are still unable to read or write. According to UNESCO, about 17% of all adults in the world, or 796 million people, lack the basic level of literacy.. Out of these, India has the highest number of illiterates, with 27% of the adult population unable to read or write. This is a significant concern for a country with a booming population and a growing economy.

It is an established fact that higher literacy rates play an important role in keeping lower crime levels in a country / state. Keeping this in mind, the SHIKSHA team created a unique program to drive literacy initiatives within jail premises. Started at request of the Superintendent of Jail at Gautambudh Nagar, the program is now run at 7 jails and benefitting over 400+ inmates. SHIKSHA team trains literate inmates to run this program on a day-to-day basis, along with providing learning materials. The classes are run through a digital content delivery system to make it engaging and easy to understand.