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Educating Adults

Considering the high illiteracy rates in India (25-30%), there is a need to educate the population which can’t utilize the benefits of school education. This includes children as well as adults outside of the school system.

Considering this in mind, Shiksha initiative started its Adult Literacy program (Shiksha Plus) in 2015, piloting in 20 centers. It is a volunteer based approach, utilizing ICT for most effectively making the illiterates and semi-literates into literates and sustaining their literacy levels.

Volunteers start with community mobilization. The classes are held everyday at a mutually agreed place in the village where the aspiring literates gather and learn under the Shiksha Plus volunteer’s guidance.

Currently we are in the process of developing a highly effective and engaging content using the feedback from the pilot stge. The entire program is guided by an expert with over twelve years of experience in Adult Literacy.