Seema, SHIKSHA+ Instructor

Seema is a SHIKSHA+ instructor from Bishada village, Gautam Buddha Nagar. She has been engaged with SHIKSHA Initiative for last 2 years: During the 1st year as a volunteer and during the 2nd year as a SHIKSHA+ instructor. As a SHIKSHA+ instructor she uses an ICT based methodology to instil the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic skills to illiterate adults who have not attended a formal school. In last one year of her association with SHIKSHA+, she has managed 6 centres and taught 58 learners.
Prior to joining SHIKSHA Initiative, she had no experience of teaching adults who are twice her age. She learnt the ropes with the continuous support that she received form SHIKSHA Initiative team. According to her, before joining SHIKSHA she didn’t know anyone in her village since she never used to go out of the house. However, when she started teaching in the centre people of her village started recognizing her.
She ecstatically expresses that she enjoys teaching and considers it as a two-way process of learning as she also gets to learn from the learners. She has stated that she feels really proud when learners who have passed out from the centre approaches her and share their experiences Viz. going to the bank themselves to withdraw money, helping their children in their homework and one lady whom Seema had taught has now become head of the village. She is extremely happy about all these experiences and about the changes she brought about in their lives.
Seema has stated that her life has changed a lot too, since she has carved out an identity of her own and people in the village respect her. Wherever she goes people recognise her as a teacher who runs the centre and teach women. Moreover, whenever her mother-in-law goes for any religious ceremony in the village other women present there acknowledge and appreciate Seema, which makes her feel proud about her daughter-in-law. Seema is grateful to SHIKSHA Initiative of Shiv Nadar Foundation for giving her new identity and for acknowledging her work.