Subhan, Grade II, Shivam Public School, Wair, Sikandrabad

This story is about one of the brightest student of Shivam Public School – Subhan who is seven years old and studies in Grade II. He lives with his parents and 2 siblings in Hasanpur, Sikandrabad, district Bulandshahr. His father works as a carpenter and mother is a housewife. Subhan, the youngest in all the siblings is intelligent in studies and always outshine in all the extra-curricular activities. Moreover, he is very humble and is always ready to help his classmates.
Subhan came first in the competition organized by SHIKSHA Initiative on the occasion of Children’s day. To acknowledge the winners, certificate distribution ceremony was organized and on this day Subhan’s father Zaheer also came to the school. During the event, his father shared that earlier Subhan was not good in studies but since he started studying with computer (ICT) in the class, gradually he has improved and today a remarkable change can be observed in him.
Further, he asked Daya Shankar (Field Officer), till which class is teaching done through ICT. To which Daya Shankar responded Grade I and II are taught through ICT which dismayed Zaheer. Probing further, he asked again why you don’t teach students of other classes through ICT. Daya Shankar explained him about SHIKSHA Initiative and its objective of targeting grade I and II students. After hearing the reply, Zaheer responded, then I will have to enroll Subhan for further studies in another school where teaching is done though ICT. Field Officer, Teachers and Principal of the school explained him that quality of education is good in other classes. But Zaheer said that after knowing about SHIKSHA Initiative and positive impact of ICT, I would like to walk on this path only. Daya Shankar was pleased to see that one step of SHIKSHA Initiative has changed the perspective of people towards ICT which will further have a long term impact in coming times.