Shiv Nadar Foundation established in 1994, has always striven to promote inclusive education and make high impact difference in the lives of the children. To address the quality of education, foundation is reaching out to students at both the school and university level across rural and urban India. Under the SNF canopy are public schools and Museums of Art in National Capital Region, University and Leadership Academy in Uttar Pradesh and SSN Engineering College in Chennai. Considering the literacy percentage in India and education gap among urban and rural students, foundation decided to introduce a profound intervention to address the issue of illiteracy in the country.

Bringing a paradigm shift in education, Shiv Nadar Foundation initiated SHIKSHA in 2012 to eradicate illiteracy from India by creating a model which is easily replicable, scalable and measurable. It leveraged the foundation’s expertise in transformational education, utilizing HCL’s technology prowess to create an intervention based on ICT and applying wide experience of converting instruction designing into animation. The content for this program is based on state board syllabus and enhanced for a technology based dissemination approach to instill learning retention among children. SHIKSHA utilize advanced information technology to convert the learning content of literacy classes into simple, interactive computer-based tutorials which are embellished using sound and music effects.