Social Challenges

With a very ambitious goal come enormous challenges. SHIKSHA Initiative also, by virtue of the ambitious goal of eradicating illiteracy from India, envisioned by the leaders of Shiv Nadar Foundation, faces challenges which are diverse and overwhelming, yet never insurmountable.

Working in rural schools of one of the least developed Indian states tests the extremities both of patience and resources. From not very motivated teachers to at times listless students and uninterested officials to clueless parents, we face trials, which were hard to imagine before going to the ground.

Missing electricity and totally absent internet connections only make it tougher in the field. Managing and regularly monitoring the classroom delivery across districts, where schools often are very far from each other is a daily challenge that we have to take head on. Moreover, regular teacher training’s, ensuring attendance consistency and collecting correct assessment results that reflect on the project performance often require running against time.

However, every challenge provides an opportunity to rise above the occasion, tickle the ingenuity and get the work done as effectively and as swiftly as possible. Fortunately, SHIKSHA Initiative team is up for these challenges, by virtue of years of collective field experience.