I really liked the fact that Shiksha content mirrors the textbook and is really engaging.

Ashish Dhawan, Founder of Central Square Foundation and Ashoka University

Your work is like a dream in Basic education. Continue it and extend it in other schools.

Amit Kumar Gupta, Special secretary of CM of UP

I had not thought that Primary Education can have such an innovation that children in rural schools will study using Smart class. Shiksha is doing that and we should all support with with an open heart.

Ramesh Kumar Mishra, DM Hardoi

What we should have done, Shiksha is doing that through this project. Children are responding to it beautifully. We should walk with them matching their steps, only then we will be able to give the children a good education.

Dharmendra Prasad, BEO Kachhauna

It is tough for children to understand complex things, like say solar system and how we live on just a point on earth. Visual aids help there. Through the digitized content like that of Shiksha Initiative, children are learning faster.

Babita, Teacher at Chiasianghari

There is a big boost in the learning capacities of children, especially small children after the Shiksha Initiative program started at our school. We don’t have to work as hard with them. They are now learning with interest, in a very engaging way.

Vandana Anand, Teacher at Chiasianghari