Vision of SHIKSHA Initiative at The Economic Times Vision Conclave November, 2023

The Economic Times Vision Conclave, organized by ET on November 3, 2023, under the banner of The Economic Times, was a notable event attended by ministers, government officials from Uttar Pradesh, the central government, industry experts, start-up leaders, and various stakeholders. The gathering was graced by over 250 high-profile delegates, reflecting the significance of the conclave.
One of the distinguished participants at the conclave was, Robin Sarkar, Project Director, SHIKSHA Initiative who played a pivotal role as a panel member.
The event featured panel discussions and presentations throughout the day, with Robin Sarkar actively contributing as a speaker. The theme of the panel discussion revolved around “Education and skills for a better tomorrow through digital intervention.”
In his address, Robin Sarkar presented the remarkable journey of the Shiksha Initiative, showcasing how technology had been harnessed to revolutionize teaching methods in rural government schools and promote rural adult literacy in a village in Uttar Pradesh. Robin stated, “The impact of the Shiksha Initiative has been nothing short of transformative, with more than sixty thousand individuals gaining literacy skills and over two lakh students benefiting from the program in rural areas.” This significant shift extended beyond the confines of the classroom and led to a notable enhancement in rural adult literacy rates.

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