Literacy for All in Kasmanda, Sitapur

SHIKSHA works with the vision to eradicate illiteracy from India by creating a lifelong learners and enhancing the learning process utilizing a technology-enabled learning program. With this objective, SHIKSHA, after an in-depth research and survey of Government Primary Schools launched its intervention in Kasmanda block of Sitapur district. The 1st Phase of equipment installation in schools was done on November 8, 2016 and the event was inaugurated by Mr. Sundararajan Mahalingam, Chief Strategy Officer, Shiv Nadar Foundation, with an aim to extend it to 145 government schools and selected Private schools.
After the phase 1 of equipment installation in schools, the first round of intensive training was imparted to 35 teachers on pedagogical approaches and use of ICT methodology for teaching and learning in classrooms. The training was inaugurated by Mr. Amrit Tripathi, District Magistrate, Sitapur, on November 22, 2016. Mr. Rajendra Singh, Basic Shiksha Adhikari, Mr. Pramod Kumar Patel, Block Education Officer, and Ms. Pravina Shukla, Block Development Officer were also present during the event.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Amrit Tripathi, District Magistrate, Sitapur addressed the need for action to eradicate illiteracy from Kasmanda and demonstrate it as a model block for other parts of the country. He also remarked, this is a great opportunity for teachers to showcase their capability and make best use of technological resources to generate a new dimension in the field of teaching learning process. Further, he focused on the concept of monitoring and evaluation and suggested SHIKSHA team to track weekly progress report of all the schools to ensure effective implementation of the programme. Also, he was extremely positive of the lesson plan developed by SHIKSHA and suggested Basic Shiksha Adhikari to consider implementing the plan in entire Sitapur in next phase.
The intervention is expected to impact over 11,000 students of Grade 1 and 2 in government and private schools of Kasmanda by enabling access to innovative high engagement teaching mechanism. The overarching goal is to ensure that children in the region are gradually weaned away from illiteracy and mainstreamed into quality education through ICT intervention. This work contributes to the Government of India’s Right to Education by creating a model that can be replicated by the government machinery at mass scale. The project will work closely with the School Education Department and with the support of District Administration at all stages, starting with selection and approvals to work in the schools. The project will also seek to link the families of the children to sensitize them and enhance awareness of the ICT based education.
During the three days training, teachers took an active role bringing their own knowledge, experiences and expertise to share and learn. They were encouraged to discuss on ICT tools and curriculum developed by SHIKSHA. In the practical session, teachers gained knowledge about modern and pragmatic methods and techniques of teaching. All the teachers unanimously agreed that this approach will enhance classroom environment and boost learning effectiveness and retention among children. Thus, all present gained a great deal of insight into the process, outcome and what needs to be done to be more efficient in their roles.

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