Project Associate/Sr. Project Associate ( Academics)

Qualification: Master in Education/Management/Social Sciences/Business Management

Work Experience: 0 to 3 years

Primarily responsibilities:

  1. Program design and management
    • Conduct need assessment/gaps through interaction with internal and external stakeholder, capture their expectations and needs
    • Document program requirement/upgradation requests for follow-ups
    • Organize/participate in program piloting and testing based on expected outcomes
    • Study projects/interventions by other organizations for best practices
    • Development/modification of program framework as per the consultation with other project team members


  1. Analytical activities/tasks
    • Maintain a tracker for annual academic Plan progress at project locations including teaching plans for different programs
    • Analyze the results/performances of students, teachers, and other stakeholders as required
    • Analyses of trackers, training feedback, and monitoring improvement plan
    • Capture the Need for Content Development and follow up with the respective team
    • Review of content [IEC ] received and share feedback with relevant stakeholders[internal] and partner organization
    • Prepare program evaluation matrix based on various trackers/DVR follow-up and share with internal stakeholders
    • TNI Periodic – Teachers[(govt and FO) and field team
    • Assess students’ progress and share the trend and analysis of the same with the academic and operations team.


  1. Regular- on-going activities /tasks
    • Prepare monthly calendar and track activities planned of each month
    • Track progress of monthly calendar and report same in weekly meeting with Academic
    • Maintain records/Reports and follow up Academic Calendar/project trackers
    • Understand teachers/students as community along with SHIKSHA mentors and school coordinator
    • Repo building with stakeholders internal and external for cordial working on project deliverables
    • Co-ordinate with ops for timely delivery of deliverables/academic plan
    • Compare e-learning /other platforms for future strategy of Content Development and any other interventions
    • Team Development plan and its delivery (Field Supervisors/School Cordinators)


  1. Other task as required
    • Monitoring of ongoing projects on weekly basis
    • Preparing progress reports/PPTs/posters to update higher management or the govt officials
    • Planning of specific events in the school as required and participate in making it a success
    • Collaborating and coordinating with external organisations if reqired, depending on project deliverables
    • Following up with internal teams like procurement, finance, HR, etc. depending on the project requirements

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