Shiksha Samriddhi

Expanding from the domain of elementary education, the SHIKSHA Initiative has entered secondary education through the project SHIKSHA Samriddhi. This project has been initiated with the vision to ensure that girl students must complete their schooling and that they get a quality ecosystem of education where they learn and grow to become future leaders and change-makers. Running in the Govt. Girls Inter Colleges (GGIC) (in two Inter Colleges at present), SHIKSHA Initiative is dedicated to shaping and re-shaping the project according to the persistent needs of the education system of the GGICs. The focus here remains to enhance the education standard and learning outcomes of the GGICs in Uttar Pradesh through ICT-based interventions and facilitate the holistic development of adolescent girls. Beneficiaries of this program are girl students of Grades 6 to 12 in Govt. Girls Inter Colleges in Uttar Pradesh – the coverage of the program is to around 1,800 young girls studying in (presently) two GGICs, i.e., GGIC, Kamlapur, Sitapur, and GGIC, B.B. Nagar, Bulandshahr.

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The first phase of the program started in 2021, where the team is working with students from Grades 6, 7, and 8 at two GGICs – GGIC Kamlapur, Sitapur, and GGIC, B.B. Nagar, Bulandshahr. Combining both the GGICs, the team is presently catering to approximately 500 students (Grades 6th to 8th), wherein, both academic and non-academic (basic infrastructural upscaling of the Inter College) interventions are being carried out. SHIKSHA Initiative has converted the respective classrooms into smart classes and, along with other interdisciplinary academic interventions, a curated ICT content is run to capture the attention of the students and broaden their imagination. Along with this, an Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) has also been installed at both locations. SHIKSHA is also extending its support to these GGICs towards developing Computer, Science, and English labs in college, among other things. The SHIKSHA team is also exploring the possibilities for collaborating with a reputed organization making standard bilingual content for Grades 6th to 12th, to provide the best academic support to the young girls.