Archit’s Progression of Learning

At the same time, Abhishek’s brother, Archit was also enrolled in Grade 1 at Dhoom Manikpur Primary School, Dadri. He along with his brother became very irregular in school and both always sat together, and it was a task to make them sit apart because they started crying! He answered all the questions and became regular for classes. Interestingly, if Abhishek was not willing to come to class, Archit made sure he motivated his brother to join him for the class, else, he came alone because he did not want to miss anything and vice-versa.

Anuj, a field officer in SHIKSHA and their teacher says,” it gives me immense joy to see such visible difference in them after being taught through SHIKSHA initiative. I knew SHIKSHA initiative was creating an impact when I met their father one day. He mentioned that both his children are always in rush to reach the school so that they can see ‘cartoon’ (animated course content) and learn how to count!”