Arvind Kumar Prajapati
Designation: Senior Field Supervisor

My name is Arvind Kumar Prajapati. I have been associated with SHIKSHA Initiative for the last five years i.e. since 2012. Before joining SHIKSHA, I used to teach the children through chalk and blackboard method, and to explain the concepts of maths, science and other subjects to the children, I used to explain by drawing pictures on the blackboard which was very difficult and sometimes children were unable to understand the concept. But when I joined SHIKSHA, I got an opportunity to teach children through ICT.

I was able to explain any concept properly and in detail through good pictures and children took great interest in reading. ICT also makes a teacher feel comfortable in teaching. Ever since I am working in SHIKSHA, I always get to learn something new. I learnt about the training skills required to run ICT classrooms, data entry, data analysis, power point presentations etc.