Visit by Shikhar Malhotra and Dr Ananya Mukherjee April 2022

Shikhar Malhotra, Director, HCL Corporation and Trustee, Shiv Nadar Foundation and Dr. Ananya Mukherjee, Vice-Chancellor, Shiv Nadar University, visited SHIKSHA Initiative’s ICT enabled classrooms under the SHIKSHA Elementary program and SHIKSHA Plus centre under SHIKSHA Plus, Adult Literacy Initiative in Chanderu Village in Bulandshahr district on April 8th, 2022. Mr. Malhotra and Dr. Mukherjee visited Chanderu Primary School and observed the ICT enabled classes, followed by a fun interaction with the students. They also visited the astronomy lab and interacted with the teachers to understand the impact of the program. They also visited the SHIKSHA Plus centre in Chanderu village, where they interacted with the learners and instructor they observed the class delivery at the centre and adult learners learning basic reading and writing and arithmetic.

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